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artist, camera operator, & sound recordist

Jayce Kolinski

Jayce Kolinski is a nonfiction filmmaker based on the road.  Over Jayce’s career, they have traveled around the globe shooting on projects for National Geographic, Red Bull Media House, Vice, & the BBC.  They specialize in cinematography and sound recording but have worked across many roles on a variety of productions. Most notably, Jayce’s work has been featured on the National Geographic, Emmy-award-winning show, Life Below Zero.


Jayce’s assignments have taken them from the sweltering backcountry crags of Utah’s deserts to the frozen tundra of northern Alaska. Along the way, Jayce has gained recognition as a non-fiction director and producer - screening at festivals around the country such as the Athens International Film Festival, the Milwaukee Film Festival, and the Chicago Underground Film Festival.

p: 414 254 6113

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