Daydreams from Yesterday

27:48, Live-Performance Documentary, 2020

Project Statment:

  Daydreams from Yesterday is a multi-layered experiential interaction between a place and its community. This takes the form of a live-streamed invitation and a live-performance documentary that explores the iconic Milwaukee Greenway through a collection of 35mm slides, digital video, and overhead projections. 

   The film Daydreams from Yesterday takes the form of a living guidebook that seeks to enrich the viewer’s experience of our communal parks by compiling and weaving the past and present upon a single plane. It begins its investigation by wandering through the historical and contemporary voices that have shaped the lands around the Milwaukee River. Along the way, it dives deeper into the woods looking closer in at the plants and animals currently living in our backyards. Altogether, the film and its presentation look to draw us closer to the beautiful public lands within Milwaukee, and to the community of conservationists and stewards working to preserve and grow the garden in the heart of our city.

Daydreams from Yesterday Live Performance 09 25 2020


Documentation from Screening on 09 25 2020

Daydreams from Yesterday Live Performance 09 25 2020

1-minute Excerpt

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