What You Left Behind

18:30, documentary, 2020

Project Statment:

    Throughout my father's life, he struggled with a number of drug addictions, and after he unexpectedly passed away I began collecting an archive of letters, images, and recordings he left behind.  The archive held a complex and revealing story of his relationship to prescription and illicit drugs, and glimmers of my distant relationship with him.  It was hard seeing the story behind my father’s abuse as it reveled the man who lost himself.  I began to deeply regret my own inaction and wondered what I could have done differently. This led me to consider how I might turn my distant relationship with my father, and his traumatic and sudden death into a purposeful document.


What You Left Behind installation

made for grilled cheese grant 2020

documentation by Cristina Ossers

 © 2021 Jayce Kolinski

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nonfiction filmmaker I photographer